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Ed is into monster movies and model kits. He's easily talked into whatever hare-brained scheme Eddy has dreamed up, and his uncanny physical strength often comes in handy.


Edd is really smart, really quiet and unnaturally polite. Exempt from gym class since the dodgeball incident, Edd spends his free time studying chemistry and biology in the library.


Labeled a megalomaniac by his report card, Eddy loves being the center of attention as the unofficial leader. Though he pretends to know it all, his knowledge is often suspect or incomplete.


Sarah's best friend Jimmy always plays with girls because, in his estimation, boys are just too tough. Jimmy is very accident prone and seemingly has a different affliction whenever he appears.


Plank is a wooden board that Johnny drew a face on with a crayon. According to Johnny, Plank "sees things."


Curious by nature and something of a wanderer, Johnny stays outside from early morning to suppertime playing with a wooden board named Plank, with whom he has frequent conversations.


Lee, May and Marie Kanker are determined to marry the Eds, but they bother, bully and bewilder everyone. The Kanker sisters live in a motor home park on the other side of the cul-de-sac.


Cynical and sarcastic, Kevin thinks he knows "the routine." But that's just because he watches "60 Minutes."


When Nazz is on the scene, boys tend to break out in sweats and lose their ability to speak. She considers herself to be the most mature of the gang and is always cool, calm and assertive.


Rolf is from a first-generation immigrant family of indeterminate origin. Proud of his heritage, Rolf sometimes participates in peculiar customs and eats weird things. Rolf confuses the Eds to no end.


Ed's baby sister is a bossy, my-way-or-the-highway kind of person who likes to have everything done her way. Quick to judge and easy to anger, Sarah has a tantrum for every occasion.


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